Your Community, Anytime

Whether it’s your dance studio, climbing gym, or karate dojo, you go for the people. Ubble lets you see who's there in real-time, and easily communicate with anyone in your community via forums and chat.

Ubble is a mobile window into your bubbles (location based communities). You can also seamlessly explore new communities and sign up for classes!

Effortless Communication

Find out what's buzzing in your bubbles, coordinate events, and brag about your latest personal victories!

In order to join a bubble, you must either physically go there, or sign up for classes. Once you join, you'll be able to see who's there and dive into the discussion from anywhere! This means that inside a bubble, you'll only be interacting with regulars, and be safe from spammers and randos.

Find Your Bubble

Ubble lets you easily find your next bubble by letting you get a glimpse of the community BEFORE you go. See which of your Facebook friends go there and get a sense of the general vibe, not to mention see a full schedule with classes! Getting a sense of a location's community and vibe is hard when all you have is Yelp reviews from disgruntled people who've been there once.

Remember that you won't be able to access the bubble's forums or see any real-time info on the bubble's members until you actually go there or sign up for a class. But you'll still be able to see the bubble's members, a full class schedule, and public posts.

How it Works

Ubble uses iBeacons: small transmitters that broadcast their location to nearby smart phones using newly developed Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. If an iBeacon is placed in a room, smartphones will only be able to detect the beacon if they are physically in the room. Locations equipped with an Ubble iBeacon will then serve as a check-in point, but without the need to manually check-in.